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Utah Aerial Competitions goal is to provide a positive performance environment to encourage continuous improvement and recognition of the aerial arts in our local and surrounding area. With a focus on clear and competitive scoring from qualified judges we hope to make this dynamic performance art grow in form and function. 

Josie Beth Archibald is a 30 year veteran in production and events with past experiences including, The Utah Shakespeare Festival, Southern Utah University Theatre Arts Productions, Utah Summer Games Event Staff, various concert crews and is currently employed at The Peak as the General Manager and Managing Artistic Director. 

Josie Beth is a past aerial silk student herself, and has had 3 of her 4 children involved in the aerial arts for the last 11 years and has enjoyed seeing the excitement this new art form is bringing to a wide range of athletes.

With performing in her soul and a dedication to the best quality experience she is excited to form this new production company to help the next generation of athletes and performers find sure footing for their future endeavors.

Image by Smit Patel
Image by an_vision
Image by Rene Böhmer
Image by Lenstravelier
Image by Alexander Grey
Image by Chaewon Lee
Red Paint
Image by Alexander Grey
Black Oil Painting
3D Sculpture
Young Boy in a Museum
Skull Sketches
Flying Chairs
Roman Sculpture
Red Oil Painting
Gallery Show
Sculpture Circle
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