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Q- Where do the competitions take place at?
A- All competitions will take place at The Peak located at 1455 S. Commerce Way Brigham City, UT - just South East of Wal--Mart.
Q- How do I sign up for paid workshops?
A- Sign up through the link here.

Q-Can I get a refund?
A- Refunds are no longer available after registration closes for each competition.

Q- What are the categories and judging criteria?
A- Information on levels, scoring, and categories can be found here.

Q-What are the sizes and specs of the performing area?
A- Warmups and performance will take place on a FlorX birch floor covered with carpet bonded foam. Space is limited to a 20' x 20' area.

Q- How will music be handled?
A- Music must be able submitted via google form at the time of registration in a MP3 format. Music must be cut to time. Time requirements can be found here

Q- Is equipment provided?

A-Equipment is provided for all levels below Advanced and Emerging Pro. Information can be found here.

Q- How do I have my equipment inspected and approved?
A- Rigging, clips, and apparatuses require approval from a rigging staff member before use during rehearsal or performance time.

Q- Do I need to have my coach on stage with me?

A- Coaches are not allowed to be on stage unless the competitor is in the Novice Category.

Q- Can my coach spot me on stage?
A- Coaches can spot in the Novice Category but a point will be docked if assistance is given.

Q- Can I perform in more than 1 act?

A- Competitors are welcome to compete as many numbers as they choose. There is no discount for registering multiple routines.

Q- Can I film my act?
A- Of course! Be sure to tag us as well.

Q- Can my friends and family watch me perform?

A- You bet! Door fee is $10 per person or a Family 5 Pack for $40.

Q- Can I watch workshops?
A- Workshops may be audited for $10 each or $40 for the entire day.

Q- When can I rehearse my act?
A- Rehearsal times will be determined once registration closes. More information can be found here.

Q- How does scoring work?

A- Scoring format can be found here. Scores and feedback will be available online after each session closes and awards are presented. 

Q- What parking is available?

A- There is limited parking available at the venue (The Peak 1455 South Commerce Way, Brigham City, UT)

Q-Is food and drink available?
A- Closed liquid containers are allowed inside the performance area. Concessions will also be available for purchase.

Q- What SWAG is available?

A-Competition apparel, SWAG etc will be available to purchase the day of

Q-What awards are given?

A- All competitors receive a participation medal. Prizes are given for 1st Place in each category.

Image by Alexander Grey
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